How to Clean a Granite Bench

Granite bench tops in recent times have become more and more popular and are often the material of choice for those re-modelling their homes. It is a great finish to kitchens, however, it does require a lot of maintenance. Regular cleaning will keep it looking brand new. A plus to choosing granite as the material for your bench top is that its a hard stone and is therefore virtually unscratchable.

To clean a granite bench top follow these steps:

1.Firstly, always clean up spills immediately before the spill penetrates the surface.

2.Give the bench top a general clean using some warm soapy water and a sponge to pick up any residue.

3.Rinse the sponge in water only and reclean the area to prevent a soapy finish.

4.Dry the area with a clean towel.

To remove stains from the granite bench top:

1.First identify what kind of stain it is.

2.To remove coffee or tea stains use hydrogen peroxide and 2 or 3 drops of household ammonia.

3.To remove an oily stain such as milk, oil or grease make a paste of flour and hydrogen peroxide over the stain, cover with plastic wrap and then let sit for 8 hours. It will draw the stain to the surface. When you remove the plastic wrap, then scrape away the mixture with a flexible, plastic utensil to avoid scratching. Repeat if necessary

4.For an ink stain on granite, clean carefully using nail polish remover (acetone)

Extra Tip:

Never use anything abrasive that will scratch such as scouring pads, scouring powder or steel wool. Never use vinegar, orange or lemon based cleaners. Acid based cleaners may damage the bench.

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