How to clean a flat screen TV

In terms of home entertainment, it is hard to go past a flat screen television. Everyone wants the perfect picture when viewing a TV program or DVD. Like all other things found in the home, your TV easily picks up dust and finger marks. Don’t spoil the perfect picture by having a child’s hand print in your way. It is important to keep your flat screen clean to avoid damage and possible warranty problems. The good news is cleaning grime, dust and fingerprints of your TV is not a difficult task.

Follow Dave’s easy steps to cleaning a flat screen TV:

1. Firstly, do not bring out chemicals or cleaning products when cleaning TVs as this will damage the screen.

2. Disconnect the TV from its power source before beginning the clean. As well as being a safe method, having the TV off will make the dust, grime, smudges and dirty marks easier to see and therefore remove

3. Dust the TV with a soft feather duster.

4. Next, use Luke warm water or a screen specific cleaning solution. Sometimes when you purchase your flat screen TV you will be given a cleaning solution for the screen. These solutions are fine to use and are labeled safe usually with the words safe for LCD screen or Laptop Screen.

5. Using a soft microfiber cloth dampen it with Luke warm water or the above mentioned cleaning solution.

6. Gently wipe the screen in a smooth method with the cloth. Do not rub, scrub or use hard pressure when wiping because this may damage the screen.

7. Maintain your TV cleanliness by regularly dusting the Screen and TV. Like most appliances, without regular dusting, excessive dust may cause this electronic device damage.

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