How to clean water stains off the wallpaper

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To clean water stains off the wallpaper:


1. Load the bucket with luke warm water .

2. Put in little dish cleaning soap then combine .

3. Utilize a tender fabric moistened with the combination to carefully rub the region . Never give too much dampness , otherwise you risk expanding the mark .

4. After all of the the surface dust is taken away , you will prepared to deal with the marks .
Combine 1 part bleach with 2 parts water .

5. Blot just a little the bleach combination onto the stained region utilizing a sponge or soft fabric .

6. Let it to place for about five minutes , observing it with care for discoloration of the wallpaper.

7. Wash with neat water , utilizing a clean fabric .

8. Dry the region with a tender fabric .

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