How to clean the disk drive

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To clean the disk drive:

Professional equipments are the simplest way to clean up the disk drive . They contain a particular disk which is entered right into the drive .



Few include delicate cleaning liquids which are put on the disk initially . The disk spins in the drive tocleans the lens during the operation .


These kinds of equipments can easily be bought at every electronic devices shop . They are fairly low-priced and work effectively in many cases .


Obey the directions for the certain item since every brand has got a little various cleaning methods .


In case the cleaning equipment is unable to clean the drive nicely , try:



Start by puffing into the disk drive to take off all loose dirt and dust . Compressed air is also working .


Moisten the central part of the towel with little water otherwise rubbing alcohol . It will not have a lot , you don’t like the fluid to drop inside the drive , therefore utilize just a little.


Put the delicate towel around the unsharp stick then cautiously insert it into the drive .


Put on mild pressure while you move the towel forwards and backwards over the lens to clean it .


Take out the towel and stick then let the lens to dry before use it.

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