How to Clean Greasy Film off Windows

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To Clean Greasy Film off Windows:


1. Spray roughly 1 teaspoon of dish cleaning soap into 7 liters of cold water . Blend it to combine .

2. Soak the sponge in the mix , after that wring to take out surplus fluid .

3. Rub the window with the sponge . Rinse off when needed , ensuring to wring the fluid out before getting back to the window .

4. After you’ve completely scrubbed the whole surface area , turn the squeegee to let about 1” of the border is reaching the window . Shifting from top to bottom , wash a streak down all sides .

5. After that , cleanse a swath the full width of the squeegee near the top of the glass . Shift from side to side , making sure that the top side of the squeegee matches the glass frame . If you ever keepdampness behind , it can operate and result in streaking .

6. After every single cross across the breadth of the glass , rub the squeegee edge clean on a material .

7. Continue on , overlapping the clean portion by around 2” until the whole glass is clean .

8. Place a duster material over your own finger then erase the rims of the window frame to make sure all the dampness is eradicated .

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